8 tips for the best morning routine ever

morning routine tips
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Be careful with your morning routine and never underestimate its power. Every routine boosts your productivity as those actions gradually become habits and you spend less energy on them.

How you start your day determines how your day will be. Here are tips to come up with a helpful morning routine that fits you best.

Wake up as early as possible

Decide the time yourself in the beginning but get out of your comfort zone. If you鈥檙e working at an office, it鈥檚 best to wake up at least 2 hours before leaving to be able to get things done. Most successful people wake up at 5 am or 6 am (some of them even 4 am 馃槷).

Get up on the same time every day

Snooze button is the biggest enemy to your productivity. Not snoozing and getting up is your first decision of every day and that decision may either motivate you or make you procrastinate further.

Go to bed early

This is not a morning routine obviously, but if you want to have a consistent and satisfying morning routine, you should definitely get enough sleep. After some time your organism will adopt changes, but being persistent in the beginning is your responsibility. 馃槈

Start your day with an energizer

No, no, I don鈥檛 mean drinks. I鈥檇 prefer nice music and exercising. However tired you feel, turn on the music, get up and start exercising! It鈥檚 not just good for your health, but also it awakens your body and fills you with energy which accompanies you the whole day.

Or with a motivational speech

Another alternative to music is to turn on a motivational speech to start your day motivated. There are dozens of such speeches on YouTube that you may like.

NOTE: This is an alternative to music, Exercising is irreplaceable 馃槈

Start your day with smile

Smiling improves your health, mood and relieves stress. Do you need more reasons to smile? Read this article. Just wake up and smile, appreciate the fact that you woke up and you can live happily.

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you鈥檒l start to see a big difference in your life.

Yoko Ono

Plan your morning tasks the previous day

This is another point that is not done in the morning, but for the morning. Clarify your morning tasks beforehand so that you know why you should get up early in the morning. But of course, it also depends on your personality as some people prefer to plan in the morning.

Allocate time for thinking

Following society unconsciously is a dangerous game to play. Allocate some time to analyze your goals and progress every day. Clarify what you expect from that day and start rocking it. 馃槑

What do you do to make your day productive? Share below! 馃

6 thoughts on “8 tips for the best morning routine ever

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  4. Thanks for sharing! I now made my morning routine evolve from a daily scheme to a weekly scheme. In the week I want to go 3 mornings for sport (I don’t exercise every morning) and the rest reading (I always have a book or a magazine on my breakfast table).

    I often think that what is the most important thing of the day, in my case sport or reading, should be done in the early morning. Otherwise there is too much risk it won’t be done at all! Or that this will bother me for the whole day. Winter vs summer alter my routines as well…

    For sure, sleep is super important! (this is why I don’t wake up at 4am). For a decade now I just stopped using an alarm clock. I wake up when I “finished sleeping” 馃檪 In terms of productivity this makes a huge difference.

    • Interesting ideas, thanks for sharing!

      Doing the most difficult or the most important thing in the morning definitely helps as you have time to focus on it.

      I like not having the alarm clock idea, it works for me during summer time and even if I have it I wake up earlier, but it’s harder for me to wake up on time during winter 馃檭

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