How I tripled my productivity by changing just 1 interesting habit

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Have you struggled to form many new habits to change your life drastically and gave up after some days? Well, start small. 🧩

Recently I switched from an office job to a remote job. Office and remote jobs require different approaches, routines and productivity levels. Well, when working remotely you have a flexible working schedule, you don’t have commute time, working from home is easier, so definitely this requires less discipline, right? Wrong!

The reality is remote working requires much more discipline and a higher level of productivity than office work, as the temptation to watch another movie, to sleep a bit more, go to that party, oh and that one too, is much higher. :)) So I decided to redefine my routines to become more productive. Here is a story line and, of course, the habit that helped me most.

Most of us wake up and check their notifications, messages, and just scroll down in the news feed. 📱 In this way, you let others decide how you start your day. And we all know how important it is to start the day in the right mood and energy. What if you got a not-so-good email, or saw something sad in your news feed. That will change your mood and maybe even ruin your whole day. This is why I decided to form a very crucial habit.

No phone until I complete at least one task to improve productivity

Forming this habit is not an easy task though. Some people use no device at all, but as my work is with a laptop, I decided to eliminate only the phone and the difference was huge. The idea is to avoid being distracted and concentrating on your high priority task. Otherwise, you dedicate your valuable morning to solving others’ issues or just scroll in the world of news. I have a long morning routine actually only after which I start working, but that’s a discussion of another post. And of course, you need an evening routine as well so that you know which is your first task that morning. I set 3 important tasks for the next day every evening. ✍️

In the beginning, I was trying to cheat myself. I just watched the notifications for a second (without taking my phone) and then checked these channels on my laptop. 😜 But then I was caught!

Even if I didn’t check the notifications, my mind was still like: “Hey, look at your phone! How innocent it is! What if you got a chance to work on an amazing project but the reply deadline is now and you will just skip it? Aren’t you tired, you already worked hard, go go go take it!” Well, even though my will power was strong enough to resist, my mind was not focused on the real work as much as I wished it was. Of course, it’s also a matter of time, after the first few days the addiction is being ruined. But I also did two things to be more concentrated:👇

1. Put my phone outside of my bedroom

Preferably in an invisible place. This helps a lot as now you don’t see it right after you wake up; thus, the desire to check it is muuuuch less. And after some negotiations, I am sure you can persuade your mind not to go to that room until you finish your first task. After all, it’s for your brighter future. 🚀 The biggest challenge with this was to find an alternative alarm clock. 😄 ⏰

2. Block the social media tabs in my browser

This also helps you to form the habit. As sometimes the action of opening a new tab and typing “face….” is being done almost unconsciously and quite suddenly you notice you just lost half an hour from your valuable time. Social media websites are specifically designed to gain your attention and keep you there as long as they can. So be very cautious with those! My favorite chrome extension to do block websites is this. 🙅‍♀

Not checking my phone in the morning changed my morning a lot, now I feel much more energized, fresh and focused. Also it feels like I have more time now, than I did before. ☀️

Anyways, I know eliminating mobile phone from our lives is almost impossible, so check out these productivity apps to use your mobile phone wisely.

Let me know below what are the habits that make you most productive! 👇

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