How to use manifestation to attract your best life

mind power - use manifestation all you want
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Manifestation and law of attraction is how one using their thoughts can achieve their goals and live their dream life. You will attract whatever you want and with the correct thoughts and energy you will live the life you really want. Usually it is said that the universe is hearing your thoughts and organizing the events in a way that you get what you desired.

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.


Quotes like this are a lot. Your mind can change your present and future. With correct thoughts and vision you will live your dream life. Of course, considering your wishes are realistic and possible. How can you start using manifestation and attract your dreams? Follow the steps below.

Define what you want

The first step to your dream life is defining what you dream life looks like. What you do for living? In what house do you live? How rich are you? How many friends do you have? And many other questions to define what dream life looks like. Include as many details as possible, even the very small details will make it feel more real and specific.

Set specific goals to reach it

So far it seems simple steps and nothing extraordinary right? Bear with me please:) You should help the universe to give you want you want. Or in other words, the universe will give you a lot of opportunities to get to your point, but you should be eager enough to work toward it and find the opportunity. Just set the goals and believe in its success. Check more tips on how to set achievable goals in this article.

Concentrate on the good

Every though matters. The attraction rule works all the time and on every thought. So if you are concentrated on the negative and keep complaining about things, you attract more and more negativity to your life because your negative thoughts attract negative events. So try to concentrate on the good things. Appreciate everything in your life and be grateful even for the smallest things, like good weather or waking up on time. Control your energy, it matters!

Concentrate on what you want

Like the point above, you should think about what you want and not want you don’t want. So for example, if you are in traffic and you should get to office as soon as possible, you shouldn’t concentrate on the traffic but on getting to the office on time. Universe listens to every thought, positive or negative, desired or hated, does not matter for it. So organize your thoughts and imagine whatever you think will become the reality and think before thinking. 😉

Believe in its possibility

The first time I started really believing in manifestation, is when I increased by salary 5 times, having less than 1 year of experience in software engineering. I just had that goal and decided an amount that I want to earn. At first it was unbelievable even for me that I can that much salary at that point, but I set that goal in my year’s goals, believing that I will check it off. And guess what? I asked less during the interview and got an offer with higher amount than what I have asked because they liked me so much. So believe in the unbelievable! Don’t be afraid to dream big.

Have patience

If all our thoughts became reality instantly the life would be a mess. Imagine you think about a lion and suddenly see it beside you, scary huh?! So luckily it is not how manifestation works. It needs time to convert your thoughts into a reality. And your thoughts need to be consistent.

So if you want to travel one day, buy a new car the next day, and to find love the other day possibly none of them will happen as you don’t know what exactly you want. This does not mean that you cannot have multiple goals. You definitely can, but list them properly and keep the goals consistently. What works for me is to write my goals down, but you can decide on a different approach.

Visualize your future

The more visualization you do the better the universe will know what you want. Imagine. what you will feel once you get what you want. Try to have that feeling right now. Imagine how you will react, what you see, what you do and all the details of the future that you want. Start living your dream future.

Bonus resources!

The best way to get more insights about the power of mind and how to use it is to watch the movie about it. This movies changed my life, literally, because I learned about manifestation from this movie. So I strongly recommend you to watch The Secret (documentary version).

If you are more into books rather than movies, I would recommend “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. It also tells about manifestation and how you can attract wealth.

Repeat after me. You can live your dream life. So for that define what is your dream life, concentrate on the good thoughts about it and believe in your bright future. Share your. manifestation stories below ♥️

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