7 Best Productivity Apps to Improve Your Life

productivity apps to achieve goals
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Productivity apps are crucial to spend our time wisely. Nowadays, mobile apps are crucial part of our daily life, but the productivity mobile apps are even more important. It is worth to pay attention on what you spend your time on.

On average, each person spends about 4 hours using mobile apps. If we multiply it with the number of days in a year, we get 60 days. Yes, on average each person spends 60 days using mobile apps. So if you are using mobile apps as much, it’s better to choose these apps carefully.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” – Paul J. Meyer

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1. Trello – Organize Anything

I love using Trello for organizing different aspects of my life – tasks, goals, bucket list items, ideas, etc. The great thing about Trello is that it is highly customizable – easy-to-use lists which you can use for any purpose. And we all have so many lists to manage.

Check it out in App Store and Google Play

2. Prudost – Achieve & Enjoy

Prudost app is a great place to manage your goals, split them into tasks and see your progress on how much you have already done and how much is left with progress bars. The awesome part of this app is that you earn points for the tasks and goals you complete, which you can use for the rewards you mention in the card. So this app is designed to help you celebrate every step of your journey.

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3. Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Ideas, grocery list, reminders, notes… Many things cross our minds during the day and Google Keep is a great place to write them down and free up our minds. It has note and checklist options and due to its great interface you see the content of each note without going inside each of them, so it is easier to find things.

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4. Google Calendar – Get Organized

Use Google Calendar for keeping track of all your meetings and you can even add your daily actions like yoga or meditation time, housework time, etc. into your calendar to give them specific time and not to skip them.

Check it out in App Store and Google Play

5. Productive – Habit Tracker

What’s more convenient to track your daily actions than the calendar, is the Productive Habit Tracker app. Daily habits are indeed crucial for your success as constant daily actions are what bring you closer to your goal and habits define you a lot. You should get rid of bad habits and develop many healthy habits.

Check it out in App Store and Google Play

6. Balance – Meditation and Sleep

Mental health and balance is very important, yet ignored often. You should pay attention to your mental health, meditate regularly using this app and you will feel much more relaxed and organized. This app is very easy to use and helps you to attain that important habit – meditate.

Check it out in App Store and Google Play

7. Elevate – Brain Training Games

Last but not least, if we want to achieve a lot our brain should be ready for that as well. So train your brain by playing the games in the Elevate app specifically designed for brain training. Train and improve your skills, speed and logic.

Check it out in App Store and Google Play

These are the productivity apps that I use the most on a daily basis. I like keeping track of my progress, organize thoughts and tasks and these are the productivity apps that help me A LOT! What are the productivity apps that you find helpful? 👇

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