101 Ways to Be Happier

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We all need to learn how to be happier by just changing our atmosphere, attitude and thoughts. We can change how we feel by just changing our attitude towards different things. Start appreciating more and focusing on the good to be happier. I am sure there is a lot of good in your life that you don’t even notice.

Start being more grateful, more positive and more believing. Everything will be great if you believe so and work towards it. Your efforts will be appreciated.

Here are 101 ways how to be happier by changing small details in your life.

How to be happier?

  1. Smile every morning
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Meditate every day
  4. Believe in yourself
  5. Reward yourself for small steps
  6. Attend yoga classes
  7. Eat chocolate or what you love most
  8. Help someone
  9. Meet good friends
  10. Filter out negative people
  11. Go for a walk
  12. Get rid of negative memories
  13. Keep a gratitude journal
  14. Set achievable goals
  15. Travel more (in and outside of your country)
  16. Say “I love you” to your loved ones
  17. Make your room lighter or add bright elements
  18. Watch your favorite movie
  19. Start saving money for your desired items
  20. Get a new hobby
  21. Go to horse riding
  22. Declutter your room, your phone or anything
  23. Go for a bike ride
  24. Wear one of your favorite clothes
  25. Start learning a new skill
  26. Learn to say “NO” to things you don’t want
  27. Plan a full day with your family
  28. Throw a party
  29. Play board games with friends
  30. Cook something yummy
  31. Visualize your dreams
  32. Start a new healthy habit
  33. Teach someone what you know
  34. Just dance
  35. Read a book
  36. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile
  37. Enjoy the sunset
  38. Wake up early to see the sunrise
  39. Keep a journal to write down your thoughts
  40. Clean your house
  41. Get more sleep
  42. Grow a plant and take care of it
  43. Give a compliment to someone
  44. Plan your week in advance
  45. Breathe deeply
  46. Set up a self care ritual
  47. Spend a day in nature
  48. Do something just for fun
  49. Write a bucket list and do them
  50. Reevaluate your goals
  51. Remove distractions
  52. Improve your daily routine
  53. Plan your next day in advance
  54. Remember your life achievements
  55. Decrease social media time
  56. Start your morning without a phone
  57. Do something you never tried but always wanted
  58. Smell something that you love (fruit, perfume or something else)
  59. Start acting, stop procrastinating
  60. Organize your photos
  61. Check your childhood photos
  62. Go to gym
  63. Organize a picnic
  64. Think about your dreams and dream big
  65. Go to zoo and feed animals
  66. Focus on all the positive you have in your life
  67. Train your brain by games (sudoku, crosswords, etc.)
  68. Eat healthy food, like fruit and vegetables
  69. Identify your values
  70. Prioritize what will make you happy
  71. Say thank you
  72. Watch a comedy show
  73. Use affirmations
  74. Spend time on gardening
  75. Choose to be happy and satisfied
  76. Some Netflix is allowed
  77. Don’t be afraid of failure
  78. Quit social media for some time
  79. Recover your work-life balance
  80. Hug someone
  81. Believe in mind power and manifestation
  82. Watch less TV and news
  83. Learn to enjoy time with yourself
  84. Focus on experiences rather than products
  85. Learn about minimalism
  86. Don’t judge yourself and others
  87. Choose your friends wisely
  88. Be open-minded
  89. Meet new people
  90. Attend conferences and seminars
  91. Do more of exciting things
  92. Make some changes in your interior
  93. Open the windows and let fresh air come in
  94. Get a new haircut
  95. Go for a roadtrip or hiking
  96. Sing your favorite song
  97. Take a shower
  98. Spend time under sun
  99. Get some flowers
  100. Complete tasks for your goals
  101. Be present and fully enjoy every moment

Hope you enjoyed reading this list and already highlighted the points that you are going to try starting from today.

Don’t worry, be happy ๐Ÿ˜‡

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